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What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been

We've been in the craft beer game for over 30 years. Independent-minded and inspired by the free love revolution, we started one of the first microbreweries in California to set the pace for the craft brew revolution.

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Set Out Runnin' But We Take Our Time

Geographically, Humboldt County is located on the northern coast of California. Yet tucked away amongst the ancient towering redwoods and along the vast rocky Californian coast exists a way of life as independent as it is beautiful. It’s a place where “live and let live” are the laws of the land and “going green” has had a different meaning for generations. The idea of preservation and living in unison with one’s surroundings is not some fad but ingrained in the soul of the community. At peace in its own world, the only thing on today’s agenda is to live life and drink good beer. It is here where Humboldt Brewing Company was born in 1987.

High On Living The Good Life

The rest of the country is now falling in love with cannabis and its potential, but being from Humboldt Country we've had our foot in that door for decades. We started brewing with hemp seeds all the way back in the 90's and have kept it up ever since. We are one of the first craft breweries to use Hemp in a commercially available beer. In 1999 our Hemp Ale even won a gold medal at California State Fair Craft Brewing Competition.

California coastline
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Fire! Fire On The Mountain

We quickly realized that we could not brew enough beer to meet the high demand, so we teamed up with the fine people at Firestone Walker to help us soar to new heights. In 2005, Firestone Walker buys Humboldt Brewing Company and changes the name to Nectar Ales. No matter who “owns” the company, our beers were always brewed in California with the Humboldt spirit that helped guide us on our craft beer journey.

On the Road Again

Ownership of the brand shifted again when Total Beverage Solution purchased Nectar Ales, reverting back to the company’s original name of Humboldt Brewing Company to honor the brand’s Humboldt County, California, roots and a proud 26-year heritage while attracting a new generation of environmentally conscious beer lovers.

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California Coastline

Truckin', I'm A Goin' Home

After 15 years on the road, Humboldt Brewing Company is heading home to Humboldt County! Humbrews, which occupies the original building of Humboldt Brewing Company has continued to operate as a brewpub, full-service restaurant, and music venue since the brewing company migrated South in 2005.  It had always been a dream of Humbrews owner, Andy Ardell, to one day have it all back where it belongs, and be able to share “The Original” with the communities and the people of Humboldt. In July 2020, Andy and his brother, David, acquired Humboldt Brewing Company from Total Beverage Solutions to once again have Humboldt Brewing Company back in town to brew up Red Nectar and local favorites.

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