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We thought we would begin by sharing with the folks who helped make Humboldt Brewing Company what it is today. Staying local at first will help us re-establish the brand, bring back great memories for those who enjoyed Red Nectar back in the day, and for generations to come. The locations below are excited and will be the first to have Red Nectar on tap, plus you can always get Crowlers/Growlers ToGo where offered. Enjoy!

856 10th Street Arcata, CA

Beau Pre Golf Club

1777 Norton Road Mckinleyville, CA

835 J Street Arcata, CA

1300 Central Ave. McKinleyville, CA

1750 Central Ave. McKinleyville, CA

828 I Street Arcata, CA

425 E. California Ave. Arcata, CA

421 3rd Street Eureka, CA

6735 Ave. of the Giants, Miranda, CA

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