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Original Beers

In 1987 Humboldt Brewing Company came to life as one of the original craft breweries and the first to use hemp in a commercially available beer. Now decades later, we continue to craft the finest all-natural brews from the California Coast, giving you a taste of the Humboldt spirit in every sip.

Humboldt humming bird glass

Red Nectar

Pale Ale

A Hoppy Red Ale that offers a balance of tropical fruits and bold, bitter hops for a complexly delicious brew.

Ingredients: Created from a base of Marris Otter, Crisp and Rahr Malts. Dry hopped using Mt. Hood, Columbus, Cascade and Willamette. The caramel malt presence balances a high hop bitterness end to end.


Marris Otter, Crisp and Rahr Wheat; Mt. Hood, Columbus, Cascade and Willamette

Humboldt brewing co. humming bird
Humboldt hummingbird

Smokey Hazy Hemp


A Golden Smoked Hemp Ale, in the Hazy IPA Style - Beechwood smoked malt adds a new flavor accent to roasted hemp seeds and pearl malt with flaked oats. Eureka and Simcoe hops bring a bright citrus and pine darkness to this unique beer.

Ingredients: Beechwood and Pearl Malts, Hemp Seeds, and Flaked Oats with Eureka and Simcoe Hops.

Humboldt Draft Beer On Beach

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